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    Katrinka Hansen truly cherishes children. She has been teaching music for decades, as a piano teacher and directing kids’ choirs.


    As a mother and grandmother, she has- watched kids respond positively to music in the home and in the classroom. Music enriches brain function, orders thinking and expands the learning experience.

    • Kids represent joy and happiness, curiosity and endless possibilities.
    • Let’s help music enrich their lives.
    • Music makes us all happy!

    While in her late 50’s Katrinka’s eyesight began to decline rapidly. She was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a genetic eye disease that generally starts in your 30s and progresses to blindness.


    Unable to identify any relatives with this eye problem, she hopes to keep her eyesight ,even though her tunnel vision keeps tightening to a smaller tunnel of visibility. This means you may be standing next to her with your hand out and she will not see you.

    miss music
    miss music

    Katrinka is grateful for her husband John. He does all the driving and his bass voice is a great addition to the adventures with Miss Music and her students.

    MISSION STATEMENT:  To teach EACH ONE of God’s children to feel and understand the joy of music. To encourage and inspire kids to love music and to share it with others.