• Interactive PIANO Keyboard

  • FREE Songs, Music + Coloring Books

Miss Music Lessons INTRO series

Miss Music Lessons is FREE. Miss Music points out music everywhere.

  • This interactive multimedia app will introduce the piano keyboard.
  • Your toddler to 12-year old needs to TOUCH items on the page to hear the lesson.
  • This is more than a story. It’s a music lesson. Miss Music teaches your child whenever you want, wherever you are.


Miss Music Old McDonald $3.99 but FREE for Limited Launch

  • Nothing happens until your child touches items to start the audio and animation.
  • They are delighted to watch the animals try to play E-I- E-I- O. This is to encourage little fingers
  • to try it too! Instill this thought,”Maybe you can learn to play the piano.”

Miss Music Family $3.99 but FREE for Limited Launch

  • When your child opens the page, the music is played as the piano keys highlight. Nothing happens until your child touches:

1. Miss Music who teaches the lesson
2. The child who sings the song
3. Or the kitty who tries to sing!

  •  The colored circles are the beginning of reading musical notes.



Miss Music Pets   $3.99 but FREE for Limited Launch

  • Songs have just three notes for your child to learn to play on the piano keyboard.
  • Your child may not be able to play the notes in the correct rhythm.
  • The most important outcome is, “I can play the piano all by myself!”


Miss Music Toys   $3.99 but FREE for Limited Launch

  • Piano lesson songs are progressively harder for 5 apps of the INTRO series.
  • Even when using only 3 piano keys, the songs are a little longer. By the end of this app,
  • your child will learn to play all the piano keys, white keys and black keys.

Lesson Supplements  FREE Coloring Books and Songs

  • Piano lesson pictures are included in 4 PDF Coloring Books to download.
  • Music is included so parent or teacher can play the piano while kids sing along.
  • All 25 songs from the INTRO series = FREE MP3 to download on MY ACCOUNT.

Upcoming Miss Music PIANO series

  • Miss Music uses nursery rhymes to help your child learn to play piano
  • Students recite nursery rhymes to help learn rhythm. Since songs involve
  • 4 or 5 fingers, Miss Music’s hand shows how to play piano keys.


Upcoming Feature Piano Song CARTOONS

  • Short cartoons help your child see and hear songs to have fun with music.
  • Primer lessons help your pianist see and hear piano keys and music highlighted.
  • For Piano 3, Miss Music will start teaching the TREBLE CLEF musical staff.